Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Loss Is Being Made into a TV Series

Shattered, A book that delves into Hillary Clinton’s fraught presidential campaign, is being made into a limited series. Though Hollywood has never been one to let the dust settle on a historical event before dramatizing it for profit, six months after the election gives a whole new meaning to the words “too soon”.

Not only are Clinton and her surrogates still licking their wounds from the most shocking political defeat in U.S. history but the country’s psyche as a whole has yet to fully recover. So why is Sony Pictures Television so eager to turn a national tragedy into prime time content?

Well, for one, the book is juicier than a $60 steak. Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes have crafted a devastating autopsy of Clinton’s campaign, which according to their reporting was poisoned by infighting. It’s so damning, that many of Clinton’s campaign staffers have already pushed back on some of its claims.

Would you watch the series when it is done?

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