HoverBoards might be recalled in the US

No hoverboard currently on the market can be deemed safe.

That’s the startling conclusion the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reached after its months-long investigation into the safety hazards posed by hoverboards.

CPSC sent out an official notice to retailers, manufacturers and importers with new hoverboard safety standards that, if not followed, could result in enforcement actions, including seizure of the devices as well as civil and criminal penalties.

More directly, the CPSC is calling on hoverboard makers and sellers to voluntarily take hoverboards off the market until they can be certified as safe by UL, the independent testing firm widely used by U.S. electronics manufacturers. UL has not yet certified any hoverboards as safe.

While the CPSC’s action doesn’t constitute a recall by itself, it will almost certainly prompt recalls from major retailers and manufacturers. The notice applies to all self-balancing scooters, including single-wheel devices.

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