I got more cash! Fetty Wap Brings $165k to court for $360 fine [Video]

It’s “different now” for fettywap

The New Jersey Mc brought $165,000 in cash to the courthouse in an effort to pay off traffic violation fine of just $360,

According to Wap, it was simply a case of DWB-AR. “Driving while black and rich,” he said in a NJ.com news video .But According to TMZ the rapper was i facing charges for driving with a suspended license, failure to replace lost or defaced license plates, and having overly tinted windows. All of this, the report adds, comes from his July arrest.

He paid off his fines and can keep his windows tinted. Wap’s lawyer argued that it’s necessary due to the “Trap Queen” star’s glaucoma.

Watch fetty showing off below

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