Iggy Azalea’s ‘Savior’ Slips Out Of The iTunes Chart Due To Poor Sales

In 2014, Iggy Azalea topped the charts with her infectious jam ‘Fancy.’

Unfortunately, 2018 sees the rapper’s commercial run hit a wildly sour note after her comeback cut ‘Savior‘ was rejected by her fans.


The single swung into action on the 2nd of February and was launched to support her sophomore set ‘Surviving the Summer.’

With support from Migos‘ Quavo the single was penned to celebrate Azalea’s return to music following a hiatus brought about the backlash she received for past mistakes following ‘Fancy’s unveiling.

It is not a record about you needing a man or a woman to come and save you in a relationship, it’s about you being your own savior and finding your own strength within yourself to figure it out. It’s a really hard record for me to have written and I think it’s going to be one I really struggle to perform, too, just ’cause I’ll probably wanna cry every single time. The song was created at a time when I felt so stagnant & alone, but I just couldn’t pick up the phone and admit to even my closest friends how hopeless I felt. So I hope I can connect with anyone else that’s been/going thru it via this song.

Unfortunately, the star’s fans have opted not to support the song meaning it has slipped out of the iTunes Top 150 and failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 due to poor sales.

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