Inspiring! LeBron James Opens Brand New Public School

LeBron James continues to move mountains and change lives.

Find out how the brilliant athlete/social activist is uplifting his community below…

Keen to do more than pay lip service to social change, the family man built a public school in Akron. Its name?

 I Promise School .

He had this to say about its grand opening….

I can sit here and be at a loss for words, which I am now. This is my first time here, walking these hallways and seeing, when I was driving here, just the streets that I walked, some of the stores are still up when I was growing up. It’s a moment I’ll never forget and hopefully the kids, starting with the 240 kids that we have going in here right now starting today, will never forget it either.



Growing up in the inner city, the numbers are always stacked up against you. So you didn’t really know what was possible. I think what happened for me was that I got some mentors and little league coaches and some teachers that I kind of started to believe in. And they started to make my dreams feel like they could actually become a reality.

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