Is Britney Spears in Love with Justin Bieber? She wants to date a younger guy

Justin Bieber’s not yet a man, but Britney Spears is interested anyway.

The singer joined the “Loose Women” English talk show and ended up spilling the beans on who she’s “snog, marry or avoid” between Bieber, Simon Cowell and Madonna.

Spears was quick to pick the 21-year-old “Sorry” singer, but she passed on her former “X Factor” co-judge and the “Vogue” singer although, to be fair.

Luckily for Bieber, Spears says she’s into younger guys. “I’m happily single. I like younger guys. This morning this guy came, a waiter and he was so cute,” she said on “Loose Women.” “I like it spur of the moment, not too planned, just things to happen.”

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