Is Drake Set To Launch His TV Game Show?

There is no limit to what Drake can and will do to nourish his followers with cool and original content!

His latest? A potential game show…based on his smash hit tune ‘God’s Plan.’

Documents obtained by TMZ reveal that the rapper has secured the rights to the phrase ‘God’s Plan’ so that he can exploit it however and whenever he likes.

Drake’s filing comes about a month after the release of his 5th studio album, “Scorpion.” The music video for “God’s Plan” has over 760 MILLION views, and Drake boasts in the video about giving away just shy of $1 million to strangers — the trademark means he’s now ready to cash in for himself.

His move will also allow him to use the phrase to make and sell merchandise, movies, music and much more.

He isn’t the first public figure to make good use of a good phrase.

Remember this?

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