Is Two Better Than One? Top 5 Songs That Have Multiple Videos

A whole lot of work goes into making follow-up visuals to a track. Directing, creativity, artistry are just some of these efforts. And while it’s normal for artistes to have a video for a song, what could be unusual is having two or multiple videos to the same song. These reasons may or may not be reaching, so here, we have compiled 5 Hit Songs that have 2 followup visuals for them.


Wizkid Ft Drake “Come Closer”

In April 2017, Nigerian pop dynamite Wizkid released the video to the smash hit “Come Closer” featuring one of the hottest artistes in the world, Drake.

Surprisingly, after about 2 months, Wizkid released a second version of this video, sadly without Drake who was not in the first version either. Why he shot two amazing videos for just one single might not be clear, because the videos have two different art and visual directions. But we guess two is better than one.



Calvin Harris – “Feels” Ft Katy Perry, Pharrell, Big Sean

After unveiling a tropical locale-themed video for “Feels” off the album “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1“, Calvin Harris unveiled another video for the all-star collaboration.

The second video which is rather monotonous has Katy Perry, Williams, Big Sean and Harris in a retro-looking studio as they perform the hit song as a shiny and all-glammed ’70’s band.




Rihanna – “Work” Ft Drake 

Rihanna held the world by storm when she released not one but two videos on the same day for ‘Work‘, the lead single off her 2016 album Anti.

Why, exactly, there are two separate videos is still not entirely clear but getting a double dose of Rihanna and Drake wasn’t a bad idea.


OMI – Cheerleader

Okay, we may seem to get this because of the dramatic differences between “Cheerleader”‘s first video and the second as well as the difference in the years of release.

The original music video was first unveiled back in 2012 in Jamaica, OMI’s home country. However, when “Cheerleader” became a global hit in 2015, the singer unveiled a new visual piece to appeal to his Western audience.




Dotman – “Akube”

After releasing a viral video which surpassed expectations, and topping iTunes top songs chart, it could be assumed that Dotman thought it wise to team up with Clarence Peters for a more savvy video to appeal to his already wider worldwide audience.






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