Jay-Z’s TIDAL Accused Of Withholding Artists’ Money

Jay Z‘s efforts to support independent artists with his TIDAL streaming service have been billed phoney by his critics today thanks to new claims made by “sources” at three major recording labels.

What’s going down?

Find out below…

Last week saw the company accused of falsifying streaming figures to cheat the chart system and this week, after vowing to prove that the aforementioned claim is a lie, the company finds itself accused of failing to pay money it owes to Sony, Warner and Universal Music.

Music Business Worldwide reports, via Dagens Næringsliv,…

In a new report, DN suggests that multiple sources have informed it that TIDAL is “behind with payments directly to the three major international record companies”.

Two prominent Norway-based music businesses, independent label Propellor Records and its distributor, Sony-owned Phonofile, go on record to further comment on the matter.

“It is correct that there are delays in payments from Tidal,” says Sveinung Rindal, CEO of Phonofile / head of The Orchard in Norway.

“We have not been paid since October,” says Frithjof Boye Hungnes, CEO of Propeller Recordings.

Hungnes is also a board member of Fono – which represents Norway’s independent record companies.

Other parties claiming that TIDAL has not paid them for months include successful local artists Bjørn Gunnar Sando – drummer in and manager of Hellbillies – in addition to “Ravi” Johansen.

Jay is yet to respond to Dagens’ efforts to dismantle TIDAL himself but did, via the company’s spokespeople, condemn what he believes is a calculated smear campaign last week.

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