Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Thing Alex Rodriguez Could Do to End Their Relationship

Let’s just say this is a deal-breaker for Jennifer Lopez.

It’s no mystery that the triple threat is one of the best and most dedicated entertainers in Hollywood. Whether she’s dazzling audiences in her Las Vegas residency show or taking any award show stage, the star never misses a beat. That competitive spirit to always give it her all shined through at an early age when she ran track in school.

“I have like tons of trophies,” she proudly told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “I’m so competitive.”

The star also calls one of the most famous modern athletes, New York Yankees alum Alex Rodriguez, her boyfriend—a perfect pairing for their shared competitive bug.

However, they don’t actually ever face off. “When we work out, I think, ‘I can beat you,'” she explained. However, as she put it, he doesn’t entertain her “delusions.”

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