Jhené Aiko is only a nymphomaniac when she’s in a relationship

A new interview with Jhene Aiko on everything from failed marriage to Big Sean and being a maniac.

On “Maniac”: “That’s just me. That’s just a part of who I am. I can be pretty vulgar in my waking life. All my friends and everyone that knows me knows I’m inappropriate a lot of times and say stuff that people are like, ‘Huh?’”

On Lil’ Kim’s influence: “Since I was a little girl, I’ve been getting in trouble for having a dirty mouth because I used to recite Lil’ Kim’s Hardcore in elementary school.”

On rapping with Big Sean: “I like to freestyle rap. I’m more of a battle rapper when I’m just freestyling…Sean is way too good at freestyling. He’s the best rapper I’ve ever heard personally. I wouldn’t battle him. I have to practice more.”

On TWENTY88: “I think we could’ve did more for sure. We were up for [promoting it]. I think we were both in the middle of our projects so it was something that we for sure wanted to do and put out, but we were also working on other things too. We wanted to do more. There’s gonna be more of TWENTY88…People like to focus on everything but the music nowadays but we’re friends. We go out. That has nothing to do with us trying to promote the music…To me, it’s some of my favorite music I’ve ever made.”

On Big Sean’s songwriting: “Sean wrote most of those songs [on TWENTY88]. It’s hard for me to work with another writer…But I really trust his songwriting and he wrote a lot from my perspective, even some songs we didn’t use.”

On whether she’s a nymphomaniac: “When I’m in a relationship, yeah.”

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