Jhene Aiko’s Soon To Be Ex-Hubby “Dot Da Genius” asks for Spousal Support

It’s 2016 and ex-husbands demanding that their ex-wives come out of pocket to maintain their lifestyles without any shame is as common as the tight jeans in their closets.

According to Bossip, this time around it’s Jhene Aiko’s soon to be ex-husband, producer Oladipo Omishore a.k.a. Dot Da Genius, who’s filing for some spousal support now that their marriage is a wrap.

Only two and a half years into the union, the two have filed for divorce with both of them citing “Irreconcilable Differences” as the reason for the split.

Interestingly enough when “The Worst” singer filed for divorce over the summer, she specifically asked the court to deny the producer any spousal support. Omishore was hearing none of that.

Aside from spousal support, Oladipo wants specifics on who gets spousal support and how much, what the tax consequences look like, and also wants Aiko to pay his lawyer fees.

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