Justin Bieber shades Taylor Swift and made a hashtag trend

The Taylor vs Kanye feud has been ongoing for what seems like forever, but new developments just keep on happening.

Today’s new drama comes courtesy of Justin Bieber and it’s probably the most savage one yet.

Whilst others have liked tweets or posted cryptic messages to show which side they’re on, JB has been as open as you could possibly be in his latest Instagram post.

Alongside the caption ‘Taylor swift what up’, Justin posted the above screenshot of a facetime chat between himself and Kanye West. Not the subtle type eh JB!

A short while after the post went live, #TaylorSwiftWhatUp began trending on Twitter and there has been some amazing reactions…

taylor thinking of a way to make this about feminism #TaylorSwiftWhatUp pic.twitter.com/vgfhuGEVHK
— maysus (@larriegf) August 2, 2016

So what do you think Taylor’s response will be?

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