Kanye West Files Lawsuit Against Jay-Z’s Defunct Record Label Roc a Fella

Kanye West has a legal bone to pick with Roc a Fella Records.

Roc, the defunct label owned by Jay-Z, is under attack as it said to owe West a large sum of money the rapper is now suing them to obtain.

Also in the legal firing line is EMI...also facing a lawsuit launched by West to secure cash he believes they are holding from him.

A declaration of parties’ foregoing rights under the EMI Contract and Extensions is necessary and appropriate at this time so that Plaintiffs and Defendants can ascertain their rights and obligations to one another and void further disputes.

West is not suing Jay directly as he is holding the company responsible for the financial woes it has forced him to take a stand against.

Stay tuned for more on this story.

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