Kendall Jenner gets slammed again, for the third time

Another day, another Kendall Jenner controversy.

And this time it involves a photoshoot she’s done with Vogue India.

The magazine decided to put the supermodel on the cover of their 10th anniversary issue and it would be an understatement to say that it hasn’t gone down well.

It was only last month that Kenny got caught up in a social media backlash due to her campaign with Pepsi, which saw her involved in a #BlackLivesMatter movement. However, it seems that the 21 year old reality star has become the centre of another controversy as she was revealed as the face of Vogue India’s 10th anniversary issue.

Unsurprisingly, Indian readers are not happy.

One Instagram user commented, “Really you chose a ‘fake’ over a beautiful Indian woman???’ whilst another added, “You should put someone who understands or at least respects the celebration of fashion, our land and our culture”.


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