Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Releasing Collector’s Edition of ‘DAMN’

Kendrick Lamar will be releasing a new collector’s edition of his most recent album DAMN.

According to a listing on Microsoft’s online music marketplace, the new version of Kendrick’s fourth full-length now features a new cover artwork. It depicts the rapper wearing a shirt featuring the album’s title.


The collector’s edition also notably flips around the tracklist order of the original album; previous closer “DUCKWORTH.” is now the first track, while “BLOOD.” is the finale.

In an August interview, Kendrick said that DAMN. was meant to be played in reverse order: “You listen from the back end, and it’s almost the duality and the contrast of the intricate Kendrick Lamar. Both of these pieces are who I am.”

While it’s available for purchase on the Microsoft site, it’s unclear when the collector’s edition will be widely released.

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