Ketchup recounts near death experience, spent – wait for it- two days in coma

Dancehall singer Ketchup was involved in a near death experience less than two months ago.

On May 3, 2016 it was reported that Nigerian dancehall singer Ketchup was in coma after he suffered a nasty fall on top of a fly board in Dubai.

For two days the singer was in a coma and several singers back home in Nigeria were praying for him to regain consciousness. Fortunately Ketchup came out of the coma the next day.

Now back in the country and re-working his debut album Ketchup spoke to Pulse about his near death experience and coma.

“From what I can remember, I can’t remember most of it but I was out with my friends and I wanted to go jet skiing. That was my plan originally. When I got there and saw a guy on that fly board thing it looked like fun and I decided to try it” Ketchup told Pulse TV.
Ketchup with his new ride play

Further speaking he said “I woke up a day or two after. It was weird. My hair was dyed gold before the accident and…when I woke up I realized my hair was gold and pulled most of it off so my hair is really low now. It was really scary because it was a dark moment.”

Now back from Dubai Ketchup admits that he has a few blank spaces in his memory, and he is putting finishing touches on his debut album.

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