Kim Kardashian Allegedly Planning To ‘Secretly’ Divorce Kanye West

Sources who claim to be close to the beauty and entertainment mogul Kim Kardashian allege that she is “secretly planning” to divorce her husband Kanye West.

A potentially baseless, yet disconcerting, report below…

‘Crazy Days & Nights’, the Blind Items website which broke news of Harvey Weinstein‘s antics years before they were covered by the mainstream media, stunned Kanye fans with this report recently…

This A list reality star spent two hours on a conference call yesterday with the same lawyer who handled her previous divorce. All totaled, there were six people on the call all discussing steps to be taken and how they can be implemented on short notice. The writing is on the wall with her celebrity husband.

Kim Kardashian/Kanye West.

The loving couple have three children together and are yet to respond to the report which suggests that West may not be aware that Kardashian is mapping out an exit plan.

If true, a split would make West Kim’s third husband and overshadow the Reality TV royal’s philanthropic efforts on a press front.

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