Kylie Jenner Covers Forbes; Set To Be The Youngest ‘Self-Made’ Billionaire With Her Cosmetics Empire

If the Kardashian clan are anything, they’re… ambitious.

Case in point Kylie Jenner, who covers Forbes‘ latest issue in celebration of her success with Kylie Cosmetics.

The special edition of the business publication spotlights 60 American women who are billionaires or on the cusp of such status.

And given Jenner’s age, high profile, and all-round difference to the other ladies featured, it’s little wonder why she’s been pushed to the forefront.

Indeed, per the strap-line:

“At 21, she’s set to be the youngest the youngest ever self-made billionaire”

That’s not hyperbole either. For, mother of one Kylie now fronts a company that’s become worth $900 million in just three years.

Watch her talk about her journey after the jump…


In many ways, this the quintessential example of how leveraging tabloid notoriety can pay-off literally.

And while we struggle to applaud the brand of fame the Kardashians champion, it’s difficult to deny its effectiveness.

The receipts, after all, speak for themselves. Welcome to 2000-and-now.

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