Lady Gaga Is Pregnant Again… See Details!

Lady Gaga is riding high after hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot and collecting her first Oscar.

And while some would rest on their laurels, Mother Monster seems to have new music as her firm focus. Because she’s teasing her 6th studio album in a major way.

Responding to rumors that she’s pregnant with her first child, the ‘Shallow’ songbird tweeted that she’s not with child. Instead, she’s pregnant with #LG6.


Interestingly, she then followed both BloodPop and Rihanna on Instagram.

It’s notable because she’s been in the lab with the producer working on her project, leaving many to speculate about the rationale behind the simultaneous RiRi follow. Could a collaboration be incoming?

Now that would be ground-shaking. Would you be here for it?

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