Lil Kesh thinks Buhari is unfit to be President… then deletes it

YAGI boss Lil Kesh has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari’s handling of the economy in an incredible rant on his Twitter handle @lilkeshofficial.

Tweeting on May 16, the rapper, who recently released his debut album Y.A.G.I., expressed frustration at the hardship he has faced since the change of power last year.

The tweets read, “When Goodluck was president I bought a car but since Buhari came in I can’t afford to fuel it again. Ah #Gbese re”

He continued, “Mr u YAGI, Goodluck Jonathan, forgive me for calling you unfit to be president of Nigeria. Compared to @NGRPresident Buhari, U are Obama.”

The tweets were deleted soon after, but not before generating several retweets and likes from Twitter users.

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