Lil Wayne Still Doesn’t Get Black Lives Matter

Lil Wayne is strange!

“What is it? What do you mean?”

That was Weezy’s response to the question “What’s your thoughts on Black Lives Matter?” Apparently the guy who had a crowd chanting “Black Lives Matter” at his festival Lil Weezyana in August doesn’t know what the Black Lives Matter movement is or means.

It’s not the first time Wayne has had some odd takes on racism in America recently. He told Skip Bayless on Undisputed that he “thought racism was over.” It’s not entirely surprising though, Wayne has lived a wholly unique experience. Famous since his childhood, he’s lived a mostly insulated and secluded life. It’s possible he truly hasn’t experienced racism in his time.

“I am a young, black, rich mothaf***er,” Wayne said in a clip of his interview on Nightline. “If that don’t let you know that America understand black mothaf***ers matter these days, I don’t know what it is.”

Still, for a guy who has touched on racism and police brutality on his records, most notably on “Georgia Bush,” it’s all a little odd.

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