Lil Yachty Flaunts Latest $150,000 Modeled Chain

After wowing fans with his Yachty Simpson pendant, Lil Boat cops a new one, modeled after himself.

Boat’s new $150,000 piece was inspired by a fish-eyed photo of himself, holding his cheeks, displaying his colorful and icy grill.

According to TMZ, the piece was crafted by Gabriel Jacobs, the owner of Rafaello and Co. Jacobs’ shop even took the photo that inspired the diamond-encrusted replica, which has been a month in the making.

Yachty hasn’t received the chain yet because it isn’t quite finished, but he’s already bragging about it on social media. “Very conceited with my jewelry as you can see,” he wrote. “my bro @rafaelloandco tryna shit on em.”


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