M.I. Abaga on ‘Career Suicide’ and how he came about the ‘Yung Denzel’ album title

M.I. Abaga premiered the critically acclaimed ‘Yung Denzel’ album on the Urban Breakfast show with Tyeng Gang. The Chocolate city huncho tells the inspiration behind the album title, he revealed that he has always considered himself a ‘denzel’ even when others have thought otherwise and then went on to raise the situation of political position aspirants being ridiculed.

He also revealed that he went to see a shrink and had to revisit her for her contribution to the album as well as why he thought the album was career suicide as well as his run as head of Chocolate City. M.I. Abaga revealed that Jesse Jagz has been recording a project for a while now.

Listen to the conversation and tracks off the Yung Denzel album in this URBAN96 Podcast

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