Mariah Carey Says She’s ‘Optimistic’ About Her Battle with Bipolar Disorder

Though murmurs are lighting up the rumor mill about poor ticket sales from her recently announced return to Vegas (click here to read more on that), pop icon Mariah Carey is pressing forward with the announcement of a slew of European dates for a forthcoming Christmas tour. The outing (or one like it) has become somewhat of an annual affair for the diva who has long laid claim to the title of ‘Queen of Christmas’ thanks to her enduring yuletide hit, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and its parent album, ‘Merry Christmas’ (1994).

Taking to U.K. TV show, ‘Lorraine,’ over 6 months before the beloved holiday, Carey not only dished on the trek, but also talked about her love for the holiday season, why she keeps her Christmas tree up all year, and her mental health battle.

Fans may remember the Grammy-winner took to ‘People’ magazine in April to reveal her secret battle with bipolar disorder (click here to read more on that). Now, she’s talking openly about it and telling fans she’s ‘hopeful’ and ‘optimistic’ about her progress.

Hear this and more inside:



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