Modenine releases “Insulin” album, confirms to Gang that ’tis his Last

Modenine has put out an album containing 21 tracks featuring acts like Jeremiah Gyang, Amuta & Rockstar and Maka.

Talented Hip hop rap act and lyricist Modenine has released his much anticipated fifth album, “Insulin”, a follow-up to “Above Ground Level released“ in 2014.

Earlier albums include E’ Pluribus Unum “One Amongst Many” -2006, “ The Paradigm Shift” -2008, “ Da Vinci Mode” -2010, and “ Above Ground Level “ – 2014.

The rapper has revealed that this would be his last album following displeasure over the state of true Hip hop acceptance by Nigerians.

The rapper was guest on #SunnySideUp with Tyeng Gang, where he had a few quotables – see our tweets below:

Listen back to his interview on Sunny Side Up:

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