Nas & Kelis Reach Custody Agreement

Nas and Kelis feud over child support seems to have simmered down a little today after they were able to reach an agreement over custody.

The artists are no longer together but have an eight-year-old son together who, rather unfortunately, lies at the heart of their ongoing legal battle.

Fortunately, this week has brought with it a positive development which sees them find a way to share the joys of parenthood equally.

TMZ reports…

They have agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of Knight. The agreement is specific, breaking down who gets the child during various holidays. For example, Nas gets Knight on Father’s Day and Kelis gets the child on Mother’s Day.

Kelis currently receives $8,000 from Nas to raise their child but believes that this amount should be increased to reflect the rapper’s earnings as he is worth a reported $50 million.


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