Naya Rivera Arrested For Domestic Abuse Of Her Husband / Ex Big Sean Weighs-In

Last night was filled with anything but ‘Glee’ for actress Naya Rivera.

For, she spent her evening being booked for domestic battery after her husband called the cops.

Details below…

Per reports, the 30-year-old has officially been charged with domestic battery on her husband Ryan Dorsey.

He told deputies that she hit him in the head and lip….while they were taking their child for a stroll. What’s more, he asserts that he has phone footage to back-up his claims.

A distressed looking Rivera was arraigned and then released on a PR bond.

Peep the video:

As news began to spread, Rivera’s ex Big Sean took to Twitter to write:



In recent years, Rivera has rarely been in the headlines for her work and has been more notable for the shenanigans in her private life. Something this does not help.

Indeed, she was initially in dating Dorsey (also an actor); she broke up with him and set sail on a romance with Big Sean – to whom she got engaged. When that fizzled, not only did she get back with Dorsey – she married him on the same day she’d planned to marry her rapper ex. They went on to have a daughter in 2015. She filed for divorce last year, after two years of marriage, only to call it off. And now…this.

Again, a mess.


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