New Michael Jackson Album Coming This Month

Is more magic from Michael Jackson on the way?

It certainly appears so, in the form of a new album.

Full story below…

Today, the legend’s social media accounts went live with a mysterious video teaser touting the hashtag “#MJScream.

See what we mean….


Naturally, it quickly ignited debate about what exactly Team MJ are cooking up.

However, it seems as though fans in Europe have solved the puzzle. For, they have shared snaps of posters that have begun popping up locally.

Said artwork bares the title ‘Michael Jackson – Scream’ and a strapline “Album Out September 29.”

How “new” the album ends up being awaits confirmation. Although, an educated assumption (based on the title) is that the LP will feature a measure of previously released material.

It’ll also be interesting to see if there’s any tie-in with the ‘Thriller 3D’ world premiere taking place at the Venice Film Festival and/or the Halloween themed special also on the horizon.


Some may scoff and brand all of this “milking the cow,” but ultimately ventures like this are how legacies are extended. Indeed, one need not look further than Elvis and Marilyn Monroe’s posthumous successes were engineered.

Our sole hope though is that these projects bring with them new music. And we don’t mean dusty demos, but actual songs – preferably from his latter recording sessions.

In the tragic absence of the man himself, it’s beginning to become understandable the potential difficulties attached to marketing an MJ album comprised of all-new material. Case in point the ‘Michael’ and ‘Xscape’ projects. Especially given his penchant for perfection.

However, his Estate can conjure up the right kind of buzz by pairing fresh takes on released music with unheard cuts.


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