New Trailer: Halle Berry’s Thriller ‘Kidnap’ Finally Scores Release Date

After a number of setbacks, pushbacks, and reschedules Halle Berry‘s serially delayed thriller, ‘Kidnap,’ finally has an official release date.

The film, originally set for release in late 2015 then moved to mid-2016 before being rescheduled for late 2016, can finally boast the release of promotional materials that specifically list August 4th as the date of its theatrical open in U.S. theaters.

An action thriller that sees Berry portray a mother go to dangerous lengths to rescue her son from kidnappers, ‘Kidnap’ has reportedly won favorable reviews by “test” audiences.  Now, after nearly two years of waiting, we’ve finally arrived to time to see if that reaction is shared by the general public.

Check out the refreshed trailer inside:

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