Nick Cannon “Ain’t Voting Until Black Lives Matter”

Cannon will not vote Until Black Lives Matter!!!
Nick Cannon led the Black Lives Matter Movement outside the Republican National Convention yesterday (July 19). Cannon, along with protestors, marched up and down the streets of Cleveland, standing for what they believe in, peace in the streets.

“My community brought me down here today and the lack of representation for my community brought me down here today,” Cannon said. “We are just crying for help and we are losing lives by the hour.”

The rapper/comedian, along with Black Lives Matter, will continue to fill the streets with the sounds of their voices throughout the entire convention. He’s saddened by both the Republican and Democratic party’s lack of speaking up on black issues and black votes, stating they have been taking black votes for granted for several years. His campaign slogan is nobody for president, as he rallies the community to not vote until their lives matter.

“We want to be respected,” Cannon said. “We want to feel safe. We want the American Dream. You are messing with our peace of mind. We can’t operate as Americans when we can’t walk outside and feel safe.”

Cannon rapped poetic justice on Black Lives Matter, spitting parables to abolish injustice within the African American community.

“So it’s like when I say save the whales, that don’t mean the other fish can’t float./ It just means that the whales are in danger./ Just like my species. / Discreetly. / It don’t matter who’s doing the killing, as long as we end up extinct, see. / This is the thesis in these secret meetings they having about me and the rest of my community.”
See the video below

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