Nicki Minaj Dedicates ‘Anaconda’ Performance to Donald Trump, Joe Biden at Time 100 Gala

Though Time highlights 100 influential people per year, the guests of the magazine’s annual gala found themselves repeatedly mentioning one honoree in particular.

Nicki Minaj closed the ceremony with a loud mention of Trump. After performing “The Crying Game,” “Feeling Myself” and “Truffle Butter” – complete with Jenna Lyons, Padma Lakshmi and Norah O’Donnell dancing together in front of Aziz Ansari, Gina Rodriguez, Alexander Wang and FKA Twigs – she paused for a moment to salute the attending “independent women” who “got your own money in the bank” and “don’t need a man to buy you a car or a house.”

Minaj then said, to great laughter, “I’m very political, and I would like to dedicate a song, just in the spirit of unity, to Joe Biden and Donald Trump.” That song was “Anaconda,” and she kicked off the first verse with Trump’s name and the second verse with Biden’s, complete with the track’s now-signature dance moves. Afterward, the musician polled: “Do you think they like that song? Who do you think likes the biggest butts, Donald Trump or Joe Biden?”

To those who did remain in the room until the end, Minaj made one last remark before performing her “Super Bass” hit: “Keep striving to the top, keep being the best you can be, and kick ass next year too.”

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