Nicki Minaj Reveals Who Beat Cardi B On Queen Radio

The fiery drama between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B shows no sign of quelling.

Yesterday saw Cardi’s sister Hennessy accuse Onika of inciting her fans to commit hateful acts, including leaking her personal information and threatening death on niece Kulture.

Never one to hold her tongue, Nicki took to her Queen Radio to clapback.

Details below…

Notables points Nicki made include:

  • Nicki says it was reality personality Rah Ali who beat Cardi at the Harper’s Bazaar gala – not security. Per Onika, “Rah beat her hard.” She claims there’s CCTV footage that’ll support this.
  • She asserts that Cardi is lying about what happened to save face and she ought to “control your sister.”
  • She relayed a hotel encounter when Cardi confronted her about a verse she thought was about her. The end result saw Offset (the featured act) not appear in the video out of loyalty.
  • She added: “You wanted me on your second single …now you’re all lovey-dovey with those girls. Why didn’t you ask Remy and Kim to be on your single?”

Take a listen here….


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