Nicki Minaj Visits ‘Ellen’; Says She Felt Like Punching Travis Scott On His Face!

With Nicki Minaj‘s US tour on the back-burner until 2019, the femcee is throwing more time into plugging new album ‘Queen.’

‘Ellen’ was her latest stop and Onika made sure to make it count.

During her candid chat with the talk-show host, Minaj expanded on her gripe with Travis Scott – who she infamously claimed scammed his way to #1 (bumping her to #2) by bundling his album with merchandise.

On the drama, she said:

“I’ve had a #2 [album] and I never cared. It’s just that when you have a #2 album to someone who’s selling shirts and merch and selling passes for a tour that has not even announced yet; it feels like you’re being tricked. It feels like someone is playing a game as opposed to just selling music. I want to sell music.”

Elsewhere, she spoke about her lovers – old and new, and performed a ‘Queen’ medley comprised of ‘Barbie Dreams,’ ‘Ganja Burn,’ and 6ix9ine collab ‘Fefe.’

Nicki, who’s long been an advocate for education, also spread good cheer by teaming with Ellen to help fans pay their student costs.

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