Nigerian man arrested in Iceland for infecting women with HIV

According to news reports, a Nigerian man who is presently seeking asylum in Iceland, has been arrested on suspicion of deliberately infecting women with the HIV virus knowing that he is positive.

The unnamed man, according to police, has been prowling the street of Reykjavik, the capital of that country, where he is said to have lured many young women into having unprotected sex with them.

The police is keeping a tight lid on the case and have not released details yet on how the women in question were infected or even the race of the women involved but it says the man knew of his HIV status and is accused of deliberately spreading the virus and refusing to submit his medical certificate after submitting his asylum application.

This was not known to medical authorities until recently. The Supreme Court of Iceland has ratified the ruling of the Reykjavik District Court to remand him in police custody.

The report adds that the Nigerian asylum seeker has been in Iceland since August 2014 and was supposed to submit his medical certificate with the asylum application and asylum seekers are supposed to be summoned for medical examination one week after applying for asylum but he failed in the process.

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