No Love! Sean Paul Blasts Drake & Justin Bieber for Appropriating Dancehall Music

Sean paul is not feeling any of drakeand Justin beiber’s dancehall songs.

The veteran raggae singer whose 2002 album ‘Dutty Rock’ propelled the popular dancehall sound, the upbeat, digital reggae sound characterized by faster rhythms into the mainstream, criticized Drake and Justin Bieber for appropriating the sound of Jamaican dancehall music.

Paul singled out chart-topping rapper Drake and singer Justin Bieber as some of the worst offenders, as both have had recent hits Controlla and Sorry which borrowed heavily from the musical genre.

“It is a sore point when people like Drake or Bieber or other artists come and do dancehall orientated music but don’t credit where dancehall came from and they don’t necessarily understand it,” he blasted in an interview with The Guardian. “And I know artists back in Jamaica that don’t like Major Lazer because they think they do the same thing that Drake and Kanye did they take and take and don’t credit.”

This is not the first time Drake is being slammed for doing dancehall, Mr. Vegas in May, called him “fake” for not fully crediting the Jamaican artists he collaborated with on his album.

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