Not Enough Cash Money! Birdman Owes $3.3M For Uncleared Samples

Birdman is owing a lot of Money!
Cash Money founder has to cough up $3.3M to songwriters he shorted via use of their samples on a couple of songs.
Lil Wayne and Cash Money sampled some obscure tracks for the songs, “You” and “Certified.” Seems Cash Money shorted the songwriters — ironically exactly what Wayne claims Birdman did to him in a separate, multi-million dollar lawsuit.
Birdman and Cash Money now have to pay the piper … to the tune of $3.3 mil.
Mind you, Wayne wants $51 million in his lawsuit against Birdman. But the mogul isn’t worried he has signed a big deal with Apple to produce a documentary for Cash Money, so he’ll have money to blow.

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