O.J Simpson Ordered To Pay $33.5 Million To Murdered Wife’s Family

After enduring horrendous levels of violence, Nicole Brown freed herself from her husband O.J Simpson by filing for divorce in the February of 1992.

Two years later, she and her good friend Ron Goldman were stabbed to death at her home in Brentwood, California.

After a lengthy trial, Simpson was acquitted of their deaths but was found liable for them in civil court and this, much to his horror, meant he was obligated to pay the families of the deceased a sum of $33.5 million.

The problem?

He’s still yet to cover this debt and is now under pressure to cough up the cash now that he has been granted parole and he is expected to be released from prison after serving time for an unrelated crime.

David Cook, a lawyer representing Goldman’s heartbroken family, revealed:

I have a difficult job. My job is to collect on his civil judgment and not let the flame of Ron Goldman’s memory go out. He has one of the world’s three most recognizable names right now — his, the guy sitting in the White House and Vladimir Putin.When you have a name brand like this, you’re going to monetize it.

Cook hopes Simpson’s quest to capitalise on his latest case will force him to deliver the money he owes to the relatives of his alleged victims.

He had this to say before yesterdays’ announcement:

The good news for Mr. Simpson is he’s [probably] going to get out of jail. The bad news is I’m in pretty good health.

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