Nana King

Name: Nana Nkemoma King

Birthday: November 8

Fav Dish: Amala & Ewedu

Nana Nkemoma King, is a happy go-lucky vibrant OAP,  TV presenter, and Creative Director with a passion for radio and television.
Born November 8, Nana was nicknamed “blondie blondie” as a child for her signature golden locks.
She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance from Middlesex University, London. She also has a Master’s Degree in Investment Finance from Queen Mary College, University of London.
She has an extensive portfolio of experience in the media industry; having worked for several entertainment giants in the UK,  Nigeria, and South Africa.
She describes herself as an ambivert – being both extrovert and introvert.
“I am a social butterfly, I am fun and outgoing, but I am also a very reserved and private person who enjoys having a lot of alone time”, she said.
Despite being an Igbo girl from Anambra state, her favorite food is Amala & Ewedu, which she eats every day non stop!