Shedy Kay

Name: Elizabeth Kuforiji

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Many years ago, on the 1st of July, a little star by the name Elizabeth Kuforiji, was born. Destined to wow the world with her golden voice, Elizabeth, who, by the way hates that name, started constructing full sentences by the age of one and a half.

Born to Diplomats, Elizabeth, who eventually acquired the nickname Shedy Kay, was always on the go.Moving from one country to another and making new friends was always a mainstay of her life.

Having been to over 10 different schools from birth till when she entered the university, Shedy Kay obtained a degree in Journalism and an Honours degree in Journalism and Politics in the years 2007 and 2008 respectively at the University of Johannesburg.

She dabbled into community radio while at the University, but began the commercial radio groove in 2009 in Abuja, Nigeria.

This is where she met her co host Big Tak. The two, who have worked together for roughly six years, created The Big Tak and Shedy Kay Show in 2010;this show was aired at Hot and Kiss FM Abuja from inception till 2013.

In 2013, they became independent content providers. This was after they moved to Lagos and began to air their show on City 105.1 FM. Catch Shedy Kay on Urban 96.5 FM.

Hobbie wise, Shedy Kay loves to listen and dance to Ragga music, sing Christian songs (lol), cook, watch Crime Investigation and absolutely loves horror movies!