Name: Kingsley Obike,

Birthday: Find out on-AIR

Fav Dish: Find out on-AIR

Milk and cheese is surely a please just like TAGE on your radio,the fun never stops and time doesn’t matter.

Kingsley TAGE Obike, is fun loving positive and adventurous love to bring in happiness were ever,when ever and how ever,because I beieve that happiness is a journey and it starts with you. not your job, money or relationship.

When TAGE is not on the radio making people happy or MC-ing events,he is either travelling, reading or socialising with friends

From abia state born in kaduna brought up in lagos state .speaks English, igbo ,and yoruba fluently.

Music is my first love we got married the day I was born and I also love well home made food Too.

So whenever you want a good time on radio tune, don’t be shy, I would be waiting…