‘Ocean’s 8 Rocks Box Office With Record-Breaking Figures!

It’s official…Rihanna is officially unstoppable.

Good news for the star’s latest cinematic venture ‘Oceans 8‘ below…

The movie, which is an all-female take on ‘Oceans 11’ impacted theatres this week and, much like Fenty Beauty, has soared commercially!


How high? Enviably.

For, with $42 million set to be swept up by the movie this weekend, it is to outperform each and every picture from the all-male fronted trilogy much to the delight of those who feared the movie wouldn’t be well-received by fans (see ‘Ghostbuster’ drama).

‘Deadline’ details…

Ocean’s 8‘s $15.9M Friday haul is also a best for the Ocean’s movies, outflanking Ocean’s Eleven ($13.3M), Ocean’s Twelve ($14.7M) and Ocean’s Thirteen ($13.1M). Should Ocean’s 8 ticket sales keep up into Saturday, the movie will rep the second-best live-action pic debut for Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock after Warner Bros’ Gravity ($55.7M). Though Ocean’s 8 has been sold on its ensemble cast, Bullock is featured front and center in the materials as Debbie Ocean, the sister to Clooney’s Danny Ocean.



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