Offset Opens Up On How Cardi B’s Success Puts Pressure On Him

As if the pressure of meeting or beating the critical and commercial acclaim that accompanied the respective solo efforts of his Migos brothers (Takeoff and Quavo) isn’t enough, Offset – ahead of his solo debut album’s December 14th release – says the mega-success of wife Cardi B only adds to it.

Hitting the promo trail in anticipation of its arrival, the 26-year-old took to NY Times to discuss how being married to music’s “it girl” has been a challenge and an inspiration.

His words inside:

“She brings excitement and pressure to me, but I like that,” Offset told NYTcorrespondent Joe Coscarelli for his op-ed titled, “Emerging From Migos as His Own Man.” “She’s No. 1, so every time I’m hitting the charts, I’ve got to be Top 10.”

“(Settling down) helps me make the music, which helps my career,” Offset said. “I have no distractions. And me and her? We haven’t even dropped an album yet. That’s a whole other realm.” 

The word “yet” certainly set off alarms that the Migos star has plans on releasing a joint effort with his chart-topping wife.  If he does, that’ll have to come in the next 10 years as he told Coscarelli he plans to “hang it up” by the end of the next decade.

“I have a wife and a child — that changed my whole everything,” he continued. “I was a young hothead, but now I understand the value of life.” [source]


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