Oh No! Tinashe’s Ex-Boyfriend Calls Her A Liar In New Kendall Jenner Love Triangle

Tinashe has been called a liar by her ex-boyfriend Ben Simmons after she claimed he was texting her while out on a date with his new lady friend Kendall Jenner.

Full story below…

Tinashe enjoyed some downtime at Delilah in West Hollywood earlier this week and was surprised to learn that her ex-boyfriend was also there with his new his girlfriend.

Keen to find out if anything went down, TMZ quizzed her on the night as she left the spot and surprised them by claiming Ben had been blowing her line up as if there was no tomorrow.

A claim, TMZ now says is a lie.




Sources close to Ben tell us Tinashe’s texting claim was a flat-out lie. We’re told Ben called Tinashe out after seeing our video Friday morning, she admitted she made it up and created unnecessary tension.

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