Olajumoke’s mum reveals her prayers landed daughter job

After her much talked about walk into fame, Olajumoke Orisaguna’s mother, Mrs Ramota Kamorudeen, has said no one ever thought Olajumoke could rise to such fame but she.

According to her mum, Ramiro, who sells vegetables in Obada market, Iree, Osun state, ‘There was no sign and we did not receive any prophecy from a pastor or alfa that she would become famous in the future.’

Ramota said ‘I was very happy when I heard. It is a thing of joy that my daughter has become an important person in life’.

She expressed her happiness at her daughter’s good luck adding that God had answered the prayers she prayed for Olajumoke as she left for Lagos.

I beseeched God to open the door of opportunities for her, let her make it and let anything she laid her hands on in Lagos turn to gold. I prayed God to make her meet somebody who would help her. Those were my prayers and I thank God that He has answered them,’ she said.

Olajumoke recently nabbed another endorsement with Shirley’s bakery in Abuja.

From being a bread seller to landing a modelling contract in two weeks, Olajumoke’s amazing story has gone viral with international news sites such as The Independent, The Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald and others picking up her story.

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