Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde calls PHCN ‘The Biggest Fraud in Nigeria’

Actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has publicly called out the Lagos State Government and PHCN in a mini-rant, nothing close to Kanye’s.

Omotola bared her concerns about the state of electricity in Nigeria. She added a warning hashtag ‘Don’t Push Me’ in her tweets and revealed that her rants were not politically motivated but from a concerned Nigerian.

Tweets are available below:

“One of The biggest fraud in Nigeria is the PHCN.In Ikeja,there’s no meter, No LIGHT EVER and they still bring bills!high bills!#dontpushme!”

She continued:
“This Lagos Govt talking about Taxes!and persecuting people and what rubbish?Are you kidding me?#dontpushme”

“I payed my taxes to buying my own security,Generators,fuel,road and many more…are you going to refund me?#insensitivity #dontpushme!”

“In developed countries you’re boldly asked for taxes because you’re well taken care of Education,health,Good roads,electricity #dontpushme”

“In Africa,Govts use Developed country’s laws but lack the intelligence and Will to provide same services for their citizens#dontpushme”

“I’m a Nigerian! Not your political party ! #dontpushme”

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