Photos: Kim Kardashian Already Prepping To Become America’s New First Lady?

At first glance, Kim Kardashian‘s cover for Interview Magazine‘s newest issue looks like a sweet snap of she and daughter North West.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that the themed shoot casts the provocateur in the role of Jackie Kennedy – one of the America’s most-loved wives.

And if there was any doubt, the strapline for the feature boldly brands Kim “America’s New First Lady.”

This either has to be trolling on a professional level or it really is end times.

At this point, we’re kinda indifferent about Kim and her antics. But she represents a type of vapidity that, though smartly commoditised, is still vapidity.

Being even associated with such a title is a mucky mockery – especially for a woman who seems so detached from real life issues that she can excuse racism from her own friends. This, despite the hue of her husband.

Again, a mess!

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