Urban Superstar Top 10| Juliet Ibrahim talks Boyfriend IceBerg Slim’s music and childhood dream

Nollywood actress was guest on Urban Superstar Top 10 weekly show where she shared her favourite songs right now and we highlights some of the note worthy quote from the actress, musician and producer:

“I think (boyfriend) Iceberg Slim is super talented! He’s one of my favs” – Julietibrahim.

” I don’t listen to the negative things people say about my music, I make music to inspire people” – @julietibrahim

“I’ve always wanted to be a musician all my life! It’s my childhood dream” – @julietibrahim

” Its true I am currently seeing rapper “Icebergslim” đŸ™ˆ- @julietibrahim

” If you come off desperate & naive it’s very easy to get taken advantage off in the industry”. – @julietibrahim

“I see myself as an African actress as opposed to a Gollywood OR Nollywood actress” – @julietibrahim

Listen to Podcast below:

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