‘Power’ Makes Epic Return With Fifth Season: See Explosive Trailer

Those who bemoaned the return of ‘Empire’ will be pleased to learn that its smaller, but arguably better, rival ‘Power‘ is to return to the small screen in a matter of weeks for an explosive fifth cycle.

Fuelling the fray? Familiar faces and few ones, powering through storylines built to push the series to higher levels with each episode.

My daughter is dead, someone has to pay for it.



Hit the play button below to catch its trailer….



Courtney Kemp, the show’s creator, reveals…

This season of Power is defined by grief, revenge, family, and faith.As a writers room, we really looked at each character through the idea of ‘legend vs. legacy’, examining the difference between the stories we tell about ourselves and the stories we leave behind. As loyalties shift and relationships are redefined, we hope the audience discovers a darker, more intimate, more intense season than any before.

‘Power’ returns on July 1st!

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