Name: Nathaniel Thomson

Birthday: 11 May 1983

Fav Dish: None

Here’s everything you need to know about the seasoned Grime MC, from his humble beginnings in Peckham to taking the crown as one of the UK’s most respected rappers to date.

1. Giggs will release his new mixtape ‘Wamp 2 Dem’ on 6th October!
Giggs is planning to release his new mixtape ‘Wamp 2 Dem’ on 6th October and will respond to all of his U.S. critics. Fans expect Drake to appear on the project after Giggs featured twice on ‘More Life’…

2. What is Giggs’ real name?
His real name is Nathaniel Thomson.

3. How old is Giggs?
He is 34 years old, and was born on 11 May 1983.

4. Where is Giggs from?
He’s from Peckham in East London.

Dave Drake and Giggs
5. He once called his ‘KMT’ collaborater Drake his favourite rapper.
While admitting that his favourite rapper tends to change over time, Giggs said in an interview – “It’s kinda changed over time, but I’d have to say Drake. I’d be lying if I said anyone else.”

Giggs ‘Lock Doh’ achieved silver certification
6. His single ‘Lock Doh’ featuring Donae’o achieved silver certification.

Giggs ‘Landlord’
7. His 2016 album ‘Landlord’ peaked at number two in the UK.
Giggs scored his highest ever charting record with ‘Landord’, making it his most successful album to date. It features appearances from Stormzy, Donae’o, Youngs Teflon, CASisDEAD and more.

Giggs at Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour
8. Giggs was arrested for firearm possession in 2012.
The rapper served four months in Brixton Prison before being released of all charges. He served a two-year prison sentence back in 2003 for the same charge.

Giggs on stage
9. Because of this, Giggs isn’t allowed in the U.S.
As a convicted felon, he isn’t allowed to travel to America.

Giggs Star Wars lightsaber
10. He’s a huge fans of Star Wars…
Here he is with his very own lightsaber.

Game Of Thrones
11. … and Game Of Thrones.
Giggs’ love of the popular HBO series if often referenced in his lyrics – “Whippin’ that white girl, cookin’ that Cersei” is a line from his Drizzy collaboration ‘KMT’.

The Weeknd is a fan Giggs
12. The Weeknd is a fan.
The ‘Starboy’ singer shouted out Giggs on Twitter in appreciation for his song ‘Whippin Excursion’.

13. Giggs is the leader of his own record label, SN1 Records.
Standing for ‘Spare No 1’, SN1 also sell merchandise and even opened their own shop in Peckham. Giggs formed the collective alongside Gunna Dee, Joe Grind, Spender and Young Giggs (YG), Kyze and Tiny Boost.

Giggs has a son and a daughter.
14. Giggs has a son and a daughter.

15. He was signed to the same label as Adele from 2010 – 2013.
Giggs released two albums under XL recordings; 2010’s ‘Let Em Av It’ and 2013’s ‘When Will It Stop’.

16. He appeared on the popular Channel 4 television drama ‘Top Boy’ in 2011.
The rapper played himself in the London-based drama.